Scaloni protects shin White Blue doing the right thing the duel game is boiling.

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Lionel Scaloni, coach of Argentina Believe that the most intense game against the Netherlands is the right way to play. Despite frequent clashes until the yellow card was blown. Before the team will duel Croatia in the World Cup semi-finals this Tuesday.

Argentina head coach Lionel Scaloni has defended his players from allegations of misconduct. In the 2022 World Cup game, the quarter-finals against the Netherlands confirming that this game is played in the right way. While also hoping that Lionel Messi continues to serve the country. Although he had come out to imply that it might be his last World Cup.

Scaloni protects shin White Blue doing the right thing the duel game is boiling.

Representative from South America recovering from defeat against Saudi Arabia Disappointing in the first match of the group stage. But they defeated Mexico and Poland to reach the knockout stage. Before slashing  Australia through the 8 rounds. They met the Orange Knights whose game had to drag on until the penalty shoot-out before Blue White won 4-3. Along with the fierceness, with a total of 18 yellow cards. Most statistics in the World Cup After which FIFA prepares to take disciplinary action against both parties.

“In the game the other day, both teams played the right way. That’s football,” the 44-year-old, who led Argentina to last year’s Copa America title, said at his pre-match press conference against Croatia . Many times there may be conflicts. We all know how to win and lose when we lost to Saudi Arabia. We didn’t say anything. But all I saw was the right way to play.”

As for the case of Messi , the 35-year-old star admitted before the tournament began that. This could be his last World Cup. Scaloni, who played briefly at international level, counters the striker. that have been used for a long time show hope that The seven-time Ballon d’Or winner will continue to play for his home country. 

“Let’s see if he can continue playing or not. But for this moment We just enjoy having him. Maybe the best thing can happen to us and to the football world, “said the young coach, revealing that Rodrigo De Paul and Angel Di Maria should be fit in time for the UFABET game against Croatia. This Tuesday after the injury problems that have been recovered.