Reveals Mbappe being ignored by Lions holding hands in the tunnel before the game

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Reveal the clip of Kylian Mbappe, the French national team superstar of Paris. Saint-Germain Being ignored by the England star before the World Cup quarterfinals last saturday

 French national team superstar Kylian Mbappe England players appeared to beignored in the tunnel before the two countries faced each other in the World Cup on Saturday night. As the Paris Saint-Germain star kicker was captured by the camera. That became a high pre-game issue of how he would do when facing Kyle Walker on the field. Which in the end the Rooster Army won. Although Walker served to cope with Emba Pepe was quite good though.

Reveals Mbappe being ignored by Lions holding hands in the tunnel before the game

          On occasion, the speed of the 23-year-old has left the Manchester City star, who is not slow at all. And that was enough to secure France a 2-1 win. As the two players engaged in a dramatic battle on the pitch, ‘unfriendliness’ had developed before the match. It begins when the two meet in a tunnel.

 Mbappe offered Walker a hand in front of Jordan Henderson, but none of the England internationals were interested in him. The Roaring Lions blatantly choose to ignore PSG players. The French star hesitated for a long time before he pulled his hand back and laughed. Whether Walker will notice Mbappe or simply ignore his opponents, only he knows. But of course it was a rather uncomfortable situation. But in the UFABET end it was France who got the last laugh.

          It is said that Walker lived up to his claim that ‘Won’t be on the red carpet’ for Kylian Mbappe to do before the match All eyes were on England and Walker. The Manchester City right-back, who is tasked with managing the PSG winger, has also previously claimed that ‘He knows how he can stop Mbappe’

          “I understand what needs to be done. And that was stopping him,” the 32-year-old said at his pre-match press conference. “Easier said than done, it’s true. But I don’t look down on myself ′ ′ You have to respect him but not too much. Yes, it will be a difficult game. But the team is not about one person,” he added. Walker also interestingly said that “I’m not going to cover the red carpet. (Welcome and treat someone as a guest of honor) to him and tell him to score a goal. it’s the world cup If you don’t shoot, you lose.”

 And the City right-back has lived up to his claims. By choosing to ignore Mbappe before the game As both England and France lined up to head out to the pitch ahead of the semi-final at the Al Bayt Stadium, the PSG winger approached Walker in the tunnel and offered him a hand. The Englishman knew who was extending his hand but he turned his gaze to the opposite side and ignored Mbappe’s extended hand before turning his gaze forward once more to focus on the game.

          Mbappe smiled wryly when refused to shake his hand. But in the end, he was the one who laughed later. In particular, it was the PSG star who laughed mercilessly at Harry Kane’s missed penalty . France now face Morocco in the semi-finals of the competition on Wednesday. On December 14, 2022, they hope to be one of the few teams to win two World Cups in a row.