Neymar shares DM with teammate who missed penalty after World Cup elimination

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Brazil superstar Neymar shared a message between him and his team-mates, who missed a penalty that sent the Selecao out of the quarter-finals. World Cup last Friday

      Neymar has shared a personal message he exchanged with his Brazil team-mates following their elimination at the 2022 World Cup, with Pelselezao losing on penalties to Croatia in the quarter-finals on Friday December 9, 2022. Although Neymar had put his UFABET team ahead in extra time, with just three minutes of extra time Bruno Petkovic putting the two teams into a duel. Penalties with a dramatic equalizer And it was Croatia who won from the penalty spot, with Rodrygo and Marquinhos the ones who missed the penalty. while Neymar, who had to shoot the fifth penalty, which he had no chance

Neymar shares DM with teammate who missed penalty after World Cup elimination

         And most recently, Neymar shared a heartbreaking DM with two players who missed the penalty, including Thiago Silva. His last is gone On Sunday night, December 11, 2022, Neymar shared a message with all three players with comments. “I decided to reveal. (without their permission) to see how much we need it and that we are one… Here are some messages I exchanged with our group…” One Reddit user translated the messages into English. And here’s the full message:

Neymar’s message with Marquinhos

Neymar: “How are you?” The penalty won’t change my opinion of you. I’ll be with you forever and you know I love you.

Marquinhos: “How are you, brother? I am getting better little by little. Only time will make everything pass.. What about you? how are you Thank you for the message and thank you for thinking of me, brother. Brother is amazing And I want everything to turn out well. It’s hard to think of a penalty as an obstacle in your dreams! But we must move on. we must be strong let the time pass And see what football has in store for us.

Neymar: That’s the way of thinking. Let the time pass. I know more than anyone that everything will pass Good times and bad times alike… stay strong, have fun with your family. And do not forget that in addition to being a colleague I’m also your friend. I want you to be well.” “I love you and we will move on together.

Marquinhos: “ That’s the truth, brother. Only we know what we’ve been through to get here. What have we been through to be there today? That’s why it’s so painful. What he carries is great, but his friends in heaven know what he’s doing. I don’t know if he’s going to give me this because I can support it and keep going. You’re really awesome! I’m your fan. Thank you. I hope you are well too. Next battle we still need each other. I love you so much.