Method of counting points and card points

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As I said that Super Fan Tan Use card faces to count instead of beans. Therefore, each card will have the following points.

A has 1 point

2 – 10 have points equal to the card number.

J has 11 points

Q has 12 points

K has 13 points.

scoring section The dealer will add the points from all 6 cards and vote on the points table. The last row is the result of the prize issued.

For example, in this round draw 9, 5, 2, Q, J and 8 will get 9 + 5 + 2 + 12 + 11 + 8 = 47 points. The last row can sort 3 beads, meaning that this round has 3 out.

Method of counting points and card points

Super hands bonus

This is not a form of betting at all. But it is an added bonus that comes into the game Super Fan Tan. The way it works is that 12 dice will be rolled after every bet is completed. If 8 or 9 come out, the payout rate of the Fan bet will be adjusted from 2.85 to 3 times immediately.

How are you playing Fantan Super Fantan edition that I brought together today? For me, it is considered a gambling game that is very easy to play and also saves a lot of time as well. The form of betting is not complicated. The chances of winning are as high as half and half. Just need to be careful of two things: Don’t be fooled by the high payout rate and the time you can play UFABET, don’t accidentally sit for a long time. Only then we can make money from Online casinos are easy.