How to play dummy card game to win

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How to play dummy card game to win. The fun of live casinos, I think, is that we get to play with real players through online casinosWithout having to risk playing at a casino And now he has many types of gambling card games to serve as well. Especially Dummy, the king of card games that many people are familiar with. For those who are not familiar with or have only heard of the name. Today, I have a way to play dummy for you. However, there are some things that you need to know. Let’s see.

How to play dummy card game to win

The basics of dummy that you need to know

In addition to the cards, in playing dummy, the number of players also affects the dealt of cards. The more people there are, the fewer cards will be. For example, if there are 2 people, they will receive 11 cards each. If playing with 3 people, they will receive 9 cards each. But if playing with 4 people, they will receive 7 cards. Most people play 4 cards. people because the UFABET number of cards in hand will not be too much. In addition, the time spent playing each round is good.

Point deduction conditions

In addition to deducting points from discarding cards There are also other conditions that can cause players to be deducted more points than usual, the main ones are

  • Discarding and full discarding will be deducted 100 points immediately, for example, the 1st player puts a 5♣5♠5♦ card and in the discard pile there are 6♥ and 7♥, but the 4th player discards a 5♥ card. It’s a dumping and dumping full.
  • Put Pihua and Pipeto will be deducted 100 points as well, for example, the head card is 10♠, the first player discards J♠ and the third player collects to place 10♠J♠Q♠. The first person will be deducted 100 points.
  • In addition to collecting one-eyed cards Can result in more than one player deducting points at the same time as well for example In the discard pile there are K♠ cards, the 4th player discards an A♠, the 2nd discards J♠, the 3rd person collects and spawns a set of J♠Q♠K♠A♠ in that round, causing 4th and 2nd players to be deducted each. 50 points for dumping Spato