How to count dummy points

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The counting of points will be divided according to the card groups as follows.

  • The Spato card consists of 2♣ Q♠, the highest value in the UFABET game is 50 points except. When it is in the head card. It is worth twice as 100 points.
  • All Ace face cards (A) are worth 15 points each.
  • All 10 / J / Q / K face cards (except Q♠ ) are worth 10 points each.
  • All number face cards (except 2♣ ) are worth 5 points each.
How to count dummy points

discarding dummy cards

whether online casinos Or in the casino, there will be a method for discarding cards as well. Which in discarding cards each time will also affect our points as follows

  • Discard Pi Hua Suppose that someone discards a card that is not more than 2 numbers apart in the same suit. Or if it’s the same number of head leaves. It’s called discarding “body” will be deducted immediately 50 points. If allowing other people to collect head leaves in that round, the birth certificate can be used.

For example, the head card is 7♥. The second player discards an 8♥. The second person will be deducted 50 points immediately, but if no one takes this round to set up a set, it will not be deducted. considered to have narrowly survived

  • Discard dummy cards, discard dummy will happen only when discarding a card that someone else has already spawned, for example, someone has spawned 7 before and we accidentally discarded 7, which is the last card. is called discarding dummy cards, will be deducted immediately 50 points
  • Full discard is where a player discards a card where it can form a suit with the other two cards in the midfield. For example, if the midfield has 6♥ and 8♥, and the player discards a 7♥, it will be deducted. 50 points out as well
  • Ting Pi is different from Ting Pi Hua in that it can occur from 3 events:
  1. Throw down the Spato card. while there was a spato in the midfield earlier
  2. Throw down a spade card. While the antispito was already in the midfield (Spito guards are 2♠2 2♥ / 3♣4♣ / Q♣Q Q♥ / 10♠J♠K♠A♠)
  3. let go of Spato While already having Guard Spano in midfield

which no matter what event occurs It will cause the discarder to be deducted 50 points as soon as someone collects both of the Spato cards or body cards to be used to be born in the set. But there is only one way to survive that will not be deducted points. There must be no one to keep the cards for use until the loop returns to the discarder again.

  • Slap / swagger is to throw the Spato down for others to use, will cause you to lose 50 points immediately.
  • Deposited spato is the occurrence of a card or a deposit slip has already been placed. But someone can deposit Spato cards into it. will result in a deduction of 50 points, for example, if there is a 3♣4♣5♣6♣ card on the table, and someone deposits 2♣, it will result in a deduction of 50 points.