Football fans are angry after paying exorbitant prices for Red Devils tickets but not even seeing Messi’s shadow.

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This made football fans very dissatisfied after they agreed to invest out of pocket to buy him at an exorbitant price. But Lionel Messi’s shadow was not even seen during the Major League Soccer match last weekend.

 Football fans who shelled out their expensive wallets to see Lionel Messi play are feeling angry. Well, when he didn’t show up for the match last weekend. The 36-year-old superstar has enjoyed rapid success in Major League Soccer since his move to Inter Miami this summer. Once 11 goals have been scored in 11 games. Tickets to a match sell for hundreds or even thousands of dollars. With football fans and A-list celebrities alike hoping to catch a glimpse of the icon.

Football fans are angry after paying exorbitant prices for Red Devils tickets but not even seeing Messi's shadow.

          However, fans who were willing to spend such a large sum of money expressed their disappointment. When it became clear that he would not play for his new team in the away game against Atlanta United on Saturday night. Messi not only did not step foot on the artificial turf , at Mercedes-Benz Stadium only. But he didn’t even travel to Georgia. That’s because he recently served for Argentina in a World Cup qualifier against Ecuador . However, he missed the game against Bolivia. But got to sit in the assistant manager’s chair instead

          Inter Miami manager Gerardo Martino said Messi was “fine” and trained on Friday, September 15, but was clearly not ready to risk using him. And it came back to haunt the manager as David Beckham ‘s club were beaten 5-2. But fans, many of whom had traveled thousands of miles, Feeling more dissatisfied with the absence of Messi than with the results of the match. 

  Comments from frustrated fans include: “Messi decided not to travel to Atlanta and miss his first game in MLS while I paid exorbitant prices to get tickets!”, “Invaluable learning experience for me. I paid a lot of money for tickets to this ยูฟ่าเบท game. Football is one of my least favorite sports.”, “I spent $750 on two tickets to see Messi for the first time in my life. But he didn’t come…” , “My sister quickly sold her ticket when she found out. Messi isn’t playing” and “Plane tickets, hotels, ghost tickets… and he isn’t playing!”

          Meanwhile, his teammates are in Atlanta making final preparations before the game. Messi also returned to Miami. As a result, tickets for this match at Sold Out were resold for just £32 (about 1,400 baht) and he spent Saturday, September 16 recuperating after Friday night. He shared an Instagram Story of a pizza he ordered from a restaurant in Miami. The photo went viral. Many interpreted this as a hint that he would not play in last weekend’s game.